AMLHUB for Real Estate

Streamline your sales with the AMLHUB mobile app

Want to reduce your AML admin ?

Managing AML for real estate manually through spreadsheets and paper documents is inefficient and difficult to maintain. Learn how the AMLHUB anti-money laundering software solution can help you manage your end-to-end AML efficiently, at an affordable price while streamlining your sales process.

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Streamline your AML so you can list property faster

Over 50% of New Zealand’s Real Estate market uses AMLHUB to manage their end-to-end AML obligations.

Purpose-built for Real Estate by New Zealand’s leading AML industry experts, the AMLHUB makes it easy for you to onboard clients remotely or face-to-face, complete all Customer Due Diligence requirements, and manage the entire AML lifecycle.

AMLHUB is endorsed by AML Auditors, commended by New Zealand’s leading AML experts, and trusted by 10,000 Kiwis.

"We love working with the AMLHUB and team."

"They have made managing my branch network a breeze and provide wonderful help and advice to help us get the job done. We see many technology providers in the market but none come close to the end-to-end solution offered by the AMLHUB. It continues to evolve with the industry and get better."

- G. Meo, Compliance Officer, Harcourts Cooper & Co.

How does AMLHUB help Real Estate?

Hearing the announcement, “Sold!” on a property is an exciting moment for the seller, the buyer, and the Real Estate agent. Don’t let the complexities of Customer Due Diligence and time-consuming AML/CFT compliance processes dampen that new sale high. 

Unique to AMLHUB is our mobile app, designed to help Real Estate Agents onboard new customers via face-to-face integrated electronic Identity Verification tools (including RealMe).

Clear CDD hurdles with ease so you can list properties quickly and be one step closer to the sale.

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AMLHUB Features

  • Onboard clients in the field with the AMLHUB app
  • Quick identity validation with RealMe – no physical docs required!
  • Easy Customer Due Diligence with integrated electronic Identity Verification tools and CDD outsourcing
  • Optimised workflow for Real Estate deals
  • Manage risk assessments, compliance programme, annual reports, and audits
  • Maintain training registers and generate management reports
  • Get guidance and legislation updates relevant to your industry

Benefits of AMLHUB for Real Estate

  • Purpose-built for Real Estate AML management
  • List property deals fast and streamline your sales process
  • Reduce time spent on AML administration
  • Record client activity in one place for easy auditing
  • Digital document management, version control, and storage
  • Get full visibility over your AML obligations
  • Protect your Real Estate business from legal and reputational damage
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Trusted by 10,000 users and these companies.

Barfott & Thompson
Property Brokers
Sharon Stark Lont Law Firm


AMLHUB is New Zealand’s leading anti-money laundering software solution, helping Real Estate Agencies achieve end-to-end AML compliance in the easiest and most economical way. Built by New Zealand’s leading AML industry experts, AMLHUB helps reduce the time and money you spend on AML admin while increasing your overall level of compliance.

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