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Onboarding clients using AMLHUB anti-money laundering software is quick, easy, and free for you to do in-house. But when you're faced with ownership structures that need a PhD to unravel, or when it is awkward to ask for Source of Wealth, you can simply outsource your CDD via AMLHUB with a click of a button.

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Outsource CDD with AMLHUB

Convenience and control at your fingertips

With AMLHUB you get both convenience and control over your AML/CFT programme. You can opt to manage your easy CDD in-house in minutes using AMLHUB's tools and streamlined workflows. And for the complex CDD cases, send them to us and we'll do it for you quickly and thoroughly.

We load everything into your AMLHUB for you to check, so you can sign off your outsourcing and take ownership of your legal liability. In this way you get full transparency and a complete audit trail with minimal effort. Plus, in reviewing our work in the AMLHUB you get to see how best practice CDD is conducted, so you can have a go next time!

Save time and reduce costs

AMLHUB is New Zealand's most cost-effective and efficient platform for managing your entire AML/CFT programme, including all things CDD. Our integrated outsourcing option gives you total control and visibility, so you get all the convenience with none of the risk.  


For convenience and control over your CDD, discover AMLHUB software.

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