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Our story: putting people first

New Zealand’s leading Anti-Money Laundering consultancy, AML Solutions, created AMLHUB in 2019 to put compliance officers first.

After performing over 1,000 audits, our experts discovered that people in charge of compliance were struggling to keep track of their clients and the demands of AML/CFT laws. With a lack of support and a growing task list, they needed smart, innovative technology, and so AMLHUB was born.

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Helping you take control

AMLHUB puts your compliance first by helping your people cope with a mountain of obligations through an easy-to-use platform.

AMLHUB works alongside you, empowering you to take control of your compliance and stay on top of your obligations.

It is the only AML/CFT software that is truly end-to-end. We look after customer onboarding and all the other aspects of AML/CFT compliance.

Easing AML pain points

We created our tech with your challenges in mind. You’ll experience transparency, visibility, a streamlined process, and an improved customer journey for your clients.

We’re like Xero for AML — a simple, cloud-based tool to make your life easier. Once you’ve tried us, you’ll wonder how you managed without us.

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What you'll get from us

AMLHUB gives you peace of mind.

We act as a virtual compliance officer to keep you informed and remind you about your AML obligations. It’s like having an extra compliance officer on your team.

Give us a call any time to discuss your AML/CFT obligations and book a demo today.

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