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Our story: putting people first

New Zealand’s leading Anti-Money Laundering consultancy, AML Solutions, created AMLHUB in 2018 - a reliable anti-money laundering application that puts compliance officers first.

After performing over 1,000 audits, our experts discovered that people in charge of compliance were struggling to keep track of their clients and the demands of AML/CFT laws. With a lack of support and a growing task list, they needed smart, innovative technology, and so AMLHUB was born.

Meet the AMLHUB team!

AMLHUB is 100% New Zealand-owned and operated.

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Helping you take control

AMLHUB puts your compliance first by helping your people cope with a mountain of obligations through an easy-to-use AML platform.

AMLHUB works alongside you, empowering you to take control of your compliance and stay on top of your obligations.

It is the only AML/CFT software that is truly end-to-end. We look after customer onboarding and all the other aspects of AML/CFT compliance.

Easing AML pain points

We created our AML app and technology with your challenges in mind. You’ll experience transparency, visibility, a streamlined process, and an improved customer journey for your clients.

We’re like Xero for AML — a simple, cloud-based tool to make your life easier. Once you’ve tried us, you’ll wonder how you managed without us.

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What you'll get from us

AMLHUB gives you peace of mind.

We act as a virtual compliance officer to keep you informed and remind you about your AML obligations. It’s like having an extra compliance officer on your team.

Get in touch to discuss your AML/CFT obligations and to view a demo of the platform.

Meet our team

The AMLHUB team is based in New Zealand, and always ready to support you on your compliance journey

Richard Manthel, AMLHUB CEO
Richard Manthel
CEO and Managing Director
Richard co-founded AML Solutions in 2012 and created AMLHUB in 2019.
A dedicated supporter of the New Zealand AML industry, he has close contacts with government departments, regulatory bodies, industry providers, and key industry professionals.
One of the sector’s leading voices, Richard gained his Anti-Money Laundering Specialist certification through ACAMS and speaks regularly at industry conferences and events, including for REINZ, CAANZ, ADLS, and the NZ Law Society.
Eilidh Penman, Chief Operating Officer

Eilidh Penman
Chief Operating Officer

Eilidh is AMLHUB's Chief Operating Officer.

She was previously the Head of Outsourcing, leading a team of experienced compliance specialists that work to support our clients with their day-to-day CDD requirements.

Having worked in a variety of sectors including Government, farming, customer service, regulatory and compliance, Eilidh has gained extensive experience in being a people leader, change, and operations management.

Eilidh is from Scotland, where her love of history originated. Eilidh’s spare time is spent looking after her horses and dogs, as well as maintaining her lifestyle block.

Jan Zawadzki, CTO
Jan Zawadzki
Chief Technology Officer

Jan is the CTO of AMLHUB, leading technical development of the platform. He brings over 20 years' experience in SaaS, management consulting, and start-ups from Silicon Valley to the AMLHUB, working with his team to enhance and grow its capabilities.

Andrew Freeman-Greene, Head of Client Services & Product

Andrew Freeman-Greene
Head of Client Services & Product

Andrew has broad experience in product development in the banking, investment, and fund management sectors.

Before joining AMLHUB, he was the founder and compliance officer for a New Zealand & UK (FSA) regulated boutique funds management business, which he ran for over a decade, specialising in computer-automated decision-making.

Andrew brings considerable experience in delivering technology solutions for business growth and developing AML initiatives that reduce the cost and time of compliance for AMLHUB clients while adhering to best practice standards.

Jessica Winquist, Head of Marketing

Jessica Winquist
Head of Marketing

Jessica joined the AMLHUB team in 2021 as the marketing manager. She holds degrees in marketing, commerce, and ancient history, and has certification in marketing automation.

At AMLHUB, Jessica works to demonstrate the many benefits of the AMLHUB platform. Before joining the business, she worked in the industrial, management consulting, and education sectors.

Minal Trivedi, Client Services Manager

Minal Trivedi
Client Services Manager

Minal joined the AMLHUB operations and customer support team in 2021.

She has a strong background in sales and marketing and holds a Bachelor of Commerce and Applied Business Management Certification.

Minal helps customers achieve total compliance through the full use of AMLHUB, including assurance, client onboarding, and platform assistance.

Viktor Riedel, Senior Software Engineer

Viktor Riedel
Senior Software Engineer

With over 17 years' experience in software engineering, Viktor joined the AMLHUB team as Senior Software Engineer in 2022 to drive development of the AMLHUB platform.

He has a strong background in programming, software engineering, and software development.

Viktor and his family enjoy volunteering for the SPCA as a foster family for rescued kittens, as well as travelling and exploring new places in New Zealand.

Brad White, Business Development Manager

Brad White
Business Development Manager

Brad joined the AMLHUB team as Business Development Manager in 2023.

With a strong background in the compliance sector, Brad works to connect clients with the AML/CFT solution that is of most value to their unique business needs.

James Park, Compliance Manager

James Park
Compliance Manager

Passionate with numbers, details and efficiency, James has obtained a bachelor degree in Statistics and Economics. His prime focus is to assess every CDD efficiently but accurately and to try to make it as easy as he can for customers with the help of various past experiences in sales and hospitality.

In James's own time he likes to play sports or walk his dogs.

Olly Glanville, Project Lead

Olly Glanville
Project Lead

Coming to NZ in 2019, Olly brings with him 14 years experience in the UK banking industry where he specialized in regulatory & AML compliance.

With a degree in Business Studies (Strategy & Entrepreneurship), Olly enjoys looking at situations in different ways enabling him to review trust documents thoroughly and concisely.

With two great loves:  food and his cat -Jeff- Olly lives a life full of fun, full stomachs and lots of humour.

Nicola Wilkins, Senior Compliance Officer

Nicola Wilkins
Senior Compliance Officer

Nicola joined AMLHUB at the beginning of 2023, coming from a background of 17 years of experience in the airline industry of exceptional customer service skills, and 2 years of working in AML Compliance within in a law firm. Nicola is professional yet personable and enjoys working with clients to achieve results efficiently, making for a seamless transaction.

Nicola loves holidaying and a wine with friends.

Ivona Velkovski, Senior AML Compliance Officer

Ivona Velkovski
Senior AML Compliance Officer

Ivona joined AMLHUB with an extensive background in customer service, insurance, and administration, and she prioritises the relationships with her clients.

Like many, travelling is one of Ivona’s favourite things to do. When she is not travelling, she enjoys going for walks and spending time with family and friends. 

Bek Fazilov, AML Compliance Officer

Bek Fazilov
AML Compliance Officer

Bek joined AMLHUB in 2023 with previous experience working in IRD.  He is excited to apply his knowledge from his recent Diploma in Business Level 7 to help AMLHUB grow and succeed.

Apart from his professional pursuits, he is passionate about Mixed Martial Arts, watching the UFC matches and Football.

Charlie Wilson, AML Compliance Officer

Charlie Wilson
AML Compliance Officer

Charlie joined AMLHUB in mid 2023 coming from a banking background. She has over four years of CDD-handling experience from her time in banking, as well as operational work with digital services.

She is constantly looking for ways to improve processes, making them more user friendly, with high quality outcomes for clients.

When she's not working she is kept very busy by her little boy, always off adventuring down at the beach.

Rick Smith, AML Compliance Officer

Rick Smith
AML Compliance Officer

Rick emigrated to New Zealand in April 2022 and joined AML Hub in November 2023 after a rewarding twenty-three year career in the UK legal industry.  Specialising in Claimant civil litigation, Rick is customer focused with a keen eye for detail and vast experience in preparing and reviewing complex legal documents.

In his spare time Rick enjoys spending time with his family, travelling and socialising with friends.

Claudia Wilson, AML Compliance Officer

Claudia Wilson
AML Compliance Officer

Claudia joined AMLHUB in late 2023 with a background in database administration and tech support. She is excited to apply the accuracy and efficiency used in her previous roles to ensure a high quality outcome for clients.

In her spare time, Claudia enjoys reading, visiting galleries and restoring vintage hand tools.

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