Resources to help you understand AML/CFT

AML resources to help you understand AML/CFT

What is AML? KnowledgeHUB gives you access to the AML resources you need to understand everything AML/CFT, including FAQs on AML obligations, management, and more.

Learn how to comply with anti-money laundering laws, conduct customer due diligence, and combat financial terrorism.

Anti-Money Laundering FAQs

Customer Due Diligence FAQs


Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (CFT) are complex topics. The AMLHUB team have compiled a list of helpful FAQs here so you can easily find the answers you need.

Find out about AML/CFT laws, obligations, and programmes to stay compliant.

Why is Customer Due Diligence (CDD) so important? CDD gathers personal information from customers to quantify their identify and risk of money laundering or financing terrorism.

A few checks now could save you a headache in the future. Read our quick guide to conducting CDD efficiently and effectively.


Case Study:
Harcourts Team Group

AML Acronyms Explained

Harcourts Team Group Case Study Banner
Lady thinking about AML

Managing the end-to-end AML for a large real estate firm is challenging, which is why Harcourts Team Group partnered with AMLHUB.

Learn how Harcourts Team Group managed the transition into an AML regime with AMLHUB's help, and how their commitment to compliance resulted in a positive DIA audit.

Are you up-to-speed with your AML jargon? Do you know your PEPs from your PTRs? 

See the handy guide of the most common AML/CFT acronyms here. Learn what they mean, why they're important, and download your free copy of the PDF to keep on file. Check back as we add more acronyms to the mix.


Article: Risky Business of AML Non-Compliance

AML Audit Guide:
Insights from an Auditor


Why should accounting firms care about AML non-compliance? And what are the business benefits of a strong AML programme?

In this article, we discuss how AML non-compliance can put accounting firms at risk, and ways it can be effectively managed.

Learn more, below.

AMLHUB Guide to AML Audits

Achieve total AML compliance for your business with the help of our AML audit guide. This guide offers expert insights on preparing for an audit, including:

  • How to prepare for your audits
  • What to expect from an audit
  • How to find a good auditor

Internal Assurance Guide: Keep your AML on track

Anti-Money Laundering

AMLHUB guide to Internal Assurance
Man explaining AML to colleague

Keep your AML on track with our internal assurance guide. This guide gives you a comprehensive overview of how to make internal assurance meaningful for your company, including:

  • Three key benefits of a robust assurance system
  • How to streamline assurance processes

What is money laundering and how does it work? And how does it impact businesses in New Zealand?

In this guide we break down what money laundering is and how it happens through NZ organisations. We also give you six examples of how money laundering happens in reality.


Identity Document Guide

CDD identity documents guide image

Download the guide to CDD identity documents, and get to know the right documents to verify your clients correctly the first time.  You'll learn:

  • Which details must be included on documents for them to be suitable
  • Which ID documents require secondary identification and which do not
  • Which address documents can be used and how long they are valid

Our goal at AMLHUB

Our goal is to give you the confidence to carry out your AML/CFT obligations easily, and efficiently. We want to provide you with AML resources that will help you understand AML/CFT better, and achieve compliance.

Getting on top of your AML understanding will prepare you to achieve compliance while minimising costs.

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