AMLHUB Identity Verification

Verify identity on-the-go with the AMLHUB ID app

    Know your customers with a tap of the app.

    Getting proof of ID from your clients traditionally is a slow, manual process. And sometimes you can't be sure if their documents are genuine.

    We're changing the game by giving you an official way to collect and verify your customers' ID fast, through the AMLHUB ID app.

    AMLHUB ID app for fast identity verification
    Lawyer verifying ID with AMLHUB ID App

    10 seconds is all you need.

    Drawing on the latest in identity verification technology, the AMLHUB ID app lets you verify NZ driver licences and passports in seconds, by simply scanning the document.

    No more photocopying, signing, and storing in filing cabinets. With a few taps you have a quick, clean, and tidy way to collect, verify, and record identity.

    How the AMLHUB ID app works.

    The AMLHUB ID app is simple to use.

    1. Create a case in the app
    2. Scan NZ driver licence or passport
    3. AMLHUB ID will run checks against NZ databases
    4. Verification results will display on-screen and upload to your AMLHUB platform
    AMLHUB Case with records of ID checks

    The benefits to our digital solution

    1. Spot out-of-date or fake IDs instantly
      The AMLHUB ID app lets you verify common NZ identity documents, including driver licences and passports, by referencing official NZ databases. If the NZ passport or licence is fake or out-of-date, you will be able to see this almost instantly upon scanning.

    2. Identity verification anywhere, anytime
      The AMLHUB ID app is delivered to you in a convenient and portable format, allowing you and your team to verify identities anywhere, anytime using your smartphone. 

    3. Protect your clients' data
      Protecting the privacy and identity of your clients is important to us. When you use the AMLHUB ID app, all scanned records are safely stored in your cloud-based AMLHUB account for audit and regulatory purposes.
      No scans are left on your phone. This ensures the utmost protection of your clients' important documents.

    Who can use the AMLHUB ID app?

    The AMLHUB ID app is perfect for any business that needs to run identity and proof of age checks on their clients, including:
    • Age-restricted venues
    • Car rentals
    • Lawyers
    • Accountants
    • Financial services
    • Real estate agents
    • General ID checks
    AMLHUB ID app for businesses that verify ID

    Know exactly who your customer is.

    With the AMLHUB ID app you can digitally verify and file customer ID, saving your business time and giving your customers a great onboarding experience.

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    Pleased woman using the AMLHUB ID app

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    AMLHUB is a cloud-based platform that helps businesses solve their customer identity verification challenges. Built by anti-money laundering experts for businesses of all sizes, AMLHUB can help you cut costs and reduce the risk around identity verification.


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