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Outsource your Customer Due Diligence at the click of a button

Onboarding clients using AMLHUB anti-money laundering software is quick and easy for you to do in-house. But when you're faced with ownership structures that need a PhD to unravel, or when it is awkward to ask for Source of Wealth, you can simply outsource your CDD via AMLHUB with a click of a button.

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What can be outsourced?

You can outsource all your CDD to us:
  • Individuals
  • Companies
  • Trusts
  • Remote clients
  • Complex structures
  • Partially-complete CDD

All that is required for CDD outsourcing are the contact details of at least one key contact.

CDD outsourcing by AMLHUB

How does CDD outsourcing work?

Our CDD outsourcing service is delivered with the utmost compliance in mind, and ensures you have full transparency into your CDD.

  1. From the AMLHUB, choose the type of CDD outsourcing service you require.
  2. Outsource your CDD files to us.
  3. We will complete the CDD with first contact guaranteed within two hours.
  4. All files and structures will be loaded into your AMLHUB for you to review.
  5. You sign off the outsourcing.
AMLHUB CDD Outsourcing Service

Choose the outsourcing service that suits you


Our ultimate outsourcing model.

You outsource all CDD. We assess for correctness. If correct, it's verified and Good2Go!

You will enjoy:

  1. Faster AML verifications and outsourcing
  2. Reduce the time spent in-house on AML
  3. Be confident you are getting your CDD right
Hybrid Outsourcing

Outsource what you want to our team.

Pick and choose the CDD you need outsourced, and we'll take care of it for you.
  1. Do the easy CDD in-house and outsource the rest to us
  2. First contact with your clients guaranteed within 2 hours
  3. Get support from our outsourcing team as you need
Quality Assurance

Third-party checks on your CDD.

Let us check your CDD files for correctness and completeness.

We'll periodically assess a sample of your CDD files and deliver a report on all findings, including remediation.

This will help you address any issues before they become a problem, and fulfill AML/CFT assurance obligations.

Bespoke Projects

Get help with special AML projects.

If you've got a special AML project that you need help with, get in touch with us. 

We're available to assist with undertakings such as remediation, administration, or eChecks.

If you've got a project in mind, talk to us about how we can help.

For service pricing and more information, contact us today.

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"[AMLHUB outsourcing] has been a breath of fresh air with their practical approach on KYC requirements. Eilidh and the team of vibrant, knowledgeable professionals work efficiently, are accommodating, and make CDD a breeze. I highly recommend!"

A. Henderson, Compliance Officer, Property Brokers

Property Brokers

"The [AMLHUB outsourcing] team works to a very high standard, with excellent communication, and maintains a consistently high quality of output in all of their services...I have no hesitation in recommending Eilidh Penman and her trusted team of AML experts to any business or individual who is seeking the highest quality of support and service."

M. Hale, AML & Compliance Coordinator, Barfoot & Thompson

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Why choose the AMLHUB?

The AMLHUB is a reliable anti-money laundering application that puts Compliance Officers first.

Using smart and innovative technology, it is the only AML/CFT software that is end-to-end to help you stay on top of your obligations.

Transform your AML/CFT work processes—manage costs, enhance AML compliance, enjoy total transparency, and an improved customer journey for clients with the AMLHUB.

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